Additional Phone Lines - Add or Move a Phone Socket

What is the maximum number of phone lines you can have at your premises? What about the maximum number of phone sockets? Do you want a socket moved, or a line relocated? If you're having trouble getting what you want from your service provider or your technician, all you need to do is use the right terminology. Learn a bit of the lingo, and you'll be right!

First thing to know is this: each "phone line", also known as a "Telephone Service", needs a separate phone socket. Most small units and older homes will have only one phone socket, so you would assume that you could only have one telephone service?

Nope. Most premises have provision for at least 2 phone lines! One line is usually not connected to anything, it just sits there behind your socket, and can be used to replace your existing line if it becomes faulty. Or you can use this extra line for another phone service. But you will need to have that spare phone line connected to another socket so you can use it. One socket = one phone service.

Sometimes customers who already have a working phone service mistakenly order "Naked ADSL" internet from their ISP, which needs its own phone line to run on! This means they will need a second socket installed or rewired for the new service to work. Please remember, you can order your ADSL service to be installed with your existing phone service, so the two services run on the same line, at the same time, without interference (the ADSL part runs on a higher frequency, a lot different to how the old 56k dial-up modems used to work!).

If however you already have a working phone and/or ADSL internet service at your place, but you want to move it into a different room, then what you need is an additional telephone socket installed. It is not always possible to move a phone socket, sometimes for legal reasons, mostly for future maintenance access (you don't want a cable termination sitting somewhere inside a wall cavity where a future service person can't find it!). Its best to get a new cable and socket installed where you want it. But if you need this work done, don't ask for a new phone line! You might order a new phone service by accident! You need new phone cabling or another phone socket.

A few weeks ago, one of our customers asked for a "phone line to be installed in an upstairs room". We asked her a few questions like how is the access in the roof, what are the walls made of (e.g. double brick, brick veneer, etc.) and a few other questions to get a better idea of how to quote the job, expecting to run a cable and install a new socket.

When we arrived on site, we noticed the customer already had a phone socket up in that room! What she actually needed was for this existing phone socket upstairs to be connected to the new phone service, which was already working at a socket downstairs. It took just a few minutes to rewire her downstairs socket, and she was connected for the cost of a Service Call (or "Call Out fee"). No extra charges, no extra cabling needed.

This customer couldn't believe why everyone was quoting her three to four hundred dollars before she came to us!! In the end, it was just the way she worded it over the phone. This is why we at Cabled After Hours offer free on-site quotes, so we can actually see the job and understand the customer's needs. Often a solution is easier than you might have first thought. Contact Us today!

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