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So you're experiencing some issues with your phone or ADSL service; you've called your ISP and they have sent someone out to check; now they're telling you their line is fine (up to the Network Boundary) and that you need to get your "Internals Checked" by an ACMA licenced cabler / phone technician, or that you have an "Internal Wiring Issue". Where do you go from here?

Why doesn't my ISP or Telstra fix it?

Your ISP is only liable for maintaining the copper line in the street until it terminates at your premises, either at your First Socket, MDF, an NTD (network termination device; not to be confused with a "luca box"), or other point at which the carrier deems your POE ("point of entry") or NBP ("network boundary point"). It's worth noting that in some cases, the line is blurred on where and what the NBP actually is, which can cause some customers headache when all they want is their line working but no one wants to claim liability for the repairs!!

So if there's a problem on the carrier network (i.e. somewhere from your premises, out on the street towards the exchange) then your ISP will raise a job ticket with the carrier (i.e. NBN or Telstra) to get the service working again - whether they actually repair the fault relies on myriad factors and is another discussion entirely, but in most cases they will make sure your line is within specifications on their end.

But once they deem the line is all "within spec up to the Network Boundary Point", and you are still having issues with, for example, internet drop outs, a slow connection, no dial tone or crackling noises on the phone line, then they will tell you that you have an Internal Wiring Issue, and to go sort it out yourself!

But my line used to work fine!

Unfortunately, everything deteriorates over time and requires maintenance to keep it at optimum performance - just like a car, boat, and even the human body!

Your landline phone and ADSL internet are quite rugged technologies which run over a rather thin, unshielded copper pair, for up to (and sometimes more than) 5 kilometers, in harsh weather conditions, prone to corrosion, inductance from RF, resistance from heat, and a whole bunch of other factors which work against it. So it does tend to put up with a good hammering by these elements and can last for a long time until you notice a symptom (like drop outs or noise.

Keep in mind that something that was working yesterday might not be working today, not because of something that happened over night, but most probably by an issue which has been slowly getting worse over time (such as corrosion inside a socket, for example) which has finally hit the technology's threshold, where the technology "breaks" and can take it no more!

Have your Internal Wiring checked

The whole "internal wiring" thing simply means that there is an issue somewhere in your building, or inside your premises, which is causing the fault. This could be a corroded termination somewhere under the house or in the roof (which may take a while to locate, access, and repair) or as simple as a broken/corroded socket, which is quick and easy to replace.

Please note that the actual cabling itself rarely becomes faulty (unless it's over 5 or 6 decades old), and "rewiring" your home is a rather costly and often superfluous conclusion to jump to. If someone advises you to rewire your home, you might want to get another opinion before forking out the cash!!

Search for a Phone Technician (not an Electrician) who services your area, see if they have specialist testing equipment (which can perform TDR tests and check high frequency noise levels on your line - if they don't have the right equipment, look elsewhere). If you live in the Sydney Metropolitan Area then Cabled After Hours will be your first and last call to get your internal wiring checked and repaired! Because of the specialist testing equipment each of our technicians carry, we can even run a test on the Carrier Network and send you a report which you can forward to your ISP! Contact us for more details, or simply Book Online.

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