Moving to another Unit in the Same Block?

All too often we hear from customers how they have been waiting for weeks for their landline phone and ADSL internet to be reinstalled at their new apartment... only to find out they had simply moved from another unit in the same block! There's a quicker way to get this done so you're not left without an internet connection. Because how bad is that these days!

MDF Jumpering Service to the rescue!

Moving premises can be costly and tiring work. You've organised some friends to help you carry your furniture upstairs to your new apartment, the power and gas is switched on, and you've called your ISP about the phone and/or ADSL line. Everything happens in one day; you get the keys, you move your stuff, and you can cook dinner and have a shower. But your ADSL service may take up to 3 weeks!! Plus you get slapped with a "relocation fee"??

Dirty. 😒

Well here's the good news: you just need to call a Licenced Technician to rewire your MDF Jumper. Because if you're in the same building, chances are your old unit and your new unit are connected to the same MDF (the box where all the phone lines come into the building, from the street, and connect to all the apartments). If you're in the Sydney Metropolitan Area call Cabled After Hours to organise your phone and internet line to be moved on the same day as you move!

Move into your unit - Move the MDF Jumper

That's all you need to minimise down time. The MDF Jumper is a physical termination that can be rewired to connect your phone and internet service to any unit that's wired in there... in most cases one building or block has one MDF that services all units, however there are exceptions. Your Strata Executive Committee should be able to help with this information, else your Licenced Technician can let you know once they have a look around on site.

Once you get a tech to rewire your MDF jumper and get your landline phone and ADSL internet service working inside your new unit, just call your Service Provider to let them know of your new address. Make sure you let them know your service has already been installed and is working!

So instead of waiting for weeks in your new place with no phone or internet services, relying on your Phone and/or Internet Service Provider to "relocate" you, find a local Licenced Communications Technician (also known as a Registered Cabler) to move your phone and internet services as you are moving. As long as you're moving into another unit in the same block, you should be right!

Please note - this also applies for Naked DSL services!

For further queries on how Cabled After Hours can assist you when moving into another unit, apartment, flat or townhouse in Sydney NSW, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

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