My ISP won't complete my phone/ADSL installation

Unfortunately not all home or business phone/ADSL installations are completed successfully by the carrier or ISP. Occasionally the new landline will be installed up to a certain point, such as the MDF (where applicable) or the external "point of entry" (POE, where the Carrier's cable, the "lead-in", enters the customer's premises), and the carrier or ISP will tell the customer the line has been installed and is working "on their side", and for the customer to get a private technician to complete the job.

In most cases the carrier has tagged the line so all that needs to be done is a simple jumper at the MDF, or a termination/connection to be made at the POE. This is a fairly straightforward job that, by Law, must be undertaken only by a Licenced Technician / Registered Cabler.

The Whirlpool Forums have a Wiki page with a list of Registered Cablers, organised by state, with contact information so you can ring around and get quotes in your area.

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