My new Phone Line is not Connected!

You've called a service provider and set up a new home or business phone line (also called a Landline). After the installation date, if your phone is still not connected, what can be done?

Before you start chewing through your mobile credit to call your service provider's help desk, there are a few things you can do to help your service provider connect you faster. The more information you can give them, other than just saying "my phone line doesn't work", the better!

1. Is there a dial tone?

...make sure you plug your phone into the telephone socket (and power, if required). If you don't hear any dial tone, try using another phone cable (and another adapter, if you have the old style 610 socket), or check another socket in your premises.

2. There is a dial tone, but it doesn't ring when I call it

...even though there is a dial tone, this doesn't mean your new line connection is complete. It could be connected to a previously installed service, or perhaps you've been given a Temporary Number for a few days until they port (move) your old number to your new service. Try calling your new number from your mobile; if you get a "disconnected number" message then you know your line hasn't been installed yet. If you hear it dialing on your mobile, but the phone doesn't ring, that means your line has been set up but isn't connected to your socket yet (or perhaps your old number has yet to be ported to your new service).

3. There is a dial tone, but what is the phone number? check the phone number of the service currently connected to your premises, you can try calling your mobile to see if the number pops up as it rings. But what if its a private number? Or perhaps a disconnected service? Use the dial-back function provided by your local exchange: dial 1800801920 and listen for the number (if its a private number, dial 1832 1800801920). Write down the number you hear, this is good information to have.

4. Did a Technician come to check your socket?

...most of the time, to save money, your service provider will try and connect you without coming inside your premises. They will either call you, or send a text message asking "is your line working?". Make sure you promptly answer this text message, if you get it, especially if your line isn't working. They will send out a technician to make sure the line is installed and working to your socket, which means somebody will need to be on site, to give the technician access to the premises. But there are conditions... your service provider will only get an existing socket working; they will not fix any faults, replace old sockets, or install new sockets. If a technician <em>did</em> attend, but your line is still not working, make sure you let your service provider know.

5. Know what and where the MDF is.

...if you're in a house, you probably have a direct connection to your carrier's network. But if you live in a townhouse, villa, or a unit, your phone line may be connected to the carrier's network through an MDF (main distribution frame), which is generally found in a common area of your building or in the switch room. Its always good to check with your Strata Management company or a knowledgeable neighbour to find out where the MDF is, and if you need to borrow any keys for when the technician arrives.

At this point you can call your service provider. Remember, give them as much information as you can so they know how to fix the problem and get you connected as soon as possible. Try and push for them to send a technician out... or at your discretion, you can call a licenced technician yourself to check your internal wiring and the MDF connection (called an MDF jumper), at your own cost.

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