Phone Line or Naked ADSL not working, not connected

Has your phone line stopped working? Perhaps you had a dial tone, but now the line is dead? How about your ADSL internet connection, has it stopped working? Or perhaps it's really slow, slower than dial-up? Maybe your ISP is telling you everything is connected on their end, and that the problem must be on your premises...

How is it MY problem?

Whether you're a customer of TPG, iiNet, Dodo, Optus, iPrimus or any other ISP, your phone and ADSL internet runs over Telstra's copper network (soon to be taken over by the NBN). Telstra owns and maintains this infrastructure, up to the Network Boundary Point, or NBP.

So legally, your ISP's only obligation is to make sure the service is active and working at the NBP, not at the socket inside your premises! The customer must make their own arrangements, and get a "private technician" to repair any faults and get the line working.

This can affect New Customers!

If you have ordered a new naked ADSL or bundled phone service from an ISP such as iiNet or TPG, you may find yourself in this position before you even start using your service! They get Telstra to hook up your line to the NBP, and that's when they let you know "your line has been connected", and that "it should be working".

This problem can be easily fixed by getting a licenced technician to connect your line at the MDF by installing an "MDF Jumper". For MDF Jumpering service in Sydney NSW, contact Cabled After Hours to get your line connected ASAP!

But my line was working OK before...

If your Naked ADSL or bundled phone and ADSL internet service was working fine and has now suddenly stopped working (or is running really slow), then there are a few things that could have happened.

First, check all your cables, filters, and connections inside your premises. Try other sockets and see if they work. Be sure it's not something inside your premises that has caused the problem, or you'll be wasting money later.

Second, check your ADSL connection with another modem, and your phone line with another telephone. Ask a neighbour or friend if you can borrow theirs for a few minutes, just to check if you get SYNC with the modem (wait a few minutes for the ADSL light to stay on) and check for dial tone with the telephone.

If the problem persists, contact a licenced phone technician to check out your internal cabling (or "faulty internals"). As long as your ISP has checked your line at the NBP and found no problems, then your technician can re-terminate broken cabling, replace rusty old sockets, check existing MDF jumpers, install a Central Filter, or do anything else which may need to be done to get your line working again.

If you're in the Sydney Metro area, you can rely on Cabled After Hours to get your service working straight away. Contact us today or simply book online and we'll come and sort it out for you!

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