Smart Wiring - Future Proof your home

Have you heard someone mention Smart Wiring, and how it is even more important now with new technologies all around us? Is your home ready for the new NBN (National Broadband Network), which is just around the corner?

Smart Wiring delivers and distributes the internet (or "data"), phone, video, audio and TV signals using the latest in data and TV cabling from a centrally located enclosure to specially configured wall outlets in any room of your choice.

A premium Smart Wiring package is preferably installed during construction or renovation, at the same time as your electrical wiring. Smart Wiring systems may also be retrofitted into your existing home, however there may be constraints on the location of socket outlets and access for cable runs.

The central enclosure is home to the devices that enable the delivery and distribution of your Internet connection & home computer network, TV signals from your Digital Antenna or Pay TV (cable or satellite), landline or VoIP (Voice over IP) telephone services, and much more. An ideal location for the central enclosure is somewhere with internal access only (i.e. from inside your premises, for increased security) such as inside your garage or linen closet. It is important to plan in which rooms you would like to access data, phone, video, audio and TV. This planning is not only important to you now, but will be important when it comes time to sell your property as a Smart Wired home that offers more flexibility to future owners holds more value.

When planning your Smart Wiring system, keep in mind that the use of a room could change over time. A nursery now will become a teenager's bedroom, and possibly a study or home office in the future. Placing a TV and stereo system on one side of the room may change to the other side of the room one day if you upgrade your furniture. In order to access these services with maximum flexibility, cables & wall outlets will often need to be installed in more than one place in every room.

Even if you don't plan on installing a waterproof TV in the bathroom or on the back veranda, a touch screen for online recipes in the kitchen, or even multi-zone audio in every room just yet, it will work out much cheaper to provision cabling and socket outlets for these things now while you install the cabling system, rather than retrofitting additional points later. And at the pace technology is progressing, crazy ideas like this will become even more common (and cheaper) in the near future. Can you believe plasma TVs were around $50,000 just a few years ago?

If you live in the Sydney metropolitan area and are interested in getting your home Smart Wired for the NBN, contact Cabled After Hours for an obligation free quote today.

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