TPG MDF Connections - MDF to Unit - MDF Jumpering

At the time of writing, TPG has a lower fixed-line ADSL installation charge compared to other ISPs. In doing this, they're helping customers save a lot of money... at the same time, other customers are left feeling only half the job has been done.

Other ISPs charge around $250 to get their customers installed, which is made up of a Telstra installation fee (because Telstra own the network, they must get their side of the connection working) and a private technician fee (which is usually a contractor, who does the MDF jumper, if required).

TPG however lowers their installation charge by only covering the original Telstra fee. This is great news if you live in a house or townhouse that is connected directly to the Telstra network (which is usually the case). But if you live in a block of units that has an MDF, you will need to pay another technician to complete the job and install an MDF Jumper to connect the socket in your unit to the TPG service that Telstra has provisioned at the MDF.

If you live in the Sydney metro area, Cabled After Hours can install an MDF jumper for the cost of a standard service call (or "call out fee"). In other parts of the country, check out the Whirlpool Forum's Registered Cabler page and contact registered cablers in your area for a quote.

The MDF Jumper should take about 15 to 20 minutes to install, and someone over 18 years old will need to be home for the technician to check the service is working at the socket. Its always a good idea to check with your building manager, caretaker, or strata manager if you need a special key to access the MDF. Some building distributors & switch rooms may require special ABLOY keys for access, which many technicians do not have. So if your building requires ABLOY or other special key for MDF access, it's best to make sure you ask the Building Manager or Strata company if they can lend you the key or have someone on site when the technician arrives.

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