Upgrade your MDF - PMG / Telstra Telephone Box - Building Distributor

Attention building owners, executive committees, Strata companies and Building Managers!

Don't wait for Telstra or NBN contractors to do something about the aging and perhaps faulty telephone connections in your building (such as the MDF and IDFs, PMG / Telecom / Telstra box, building distributor, main distribution frame). Engage a licenced and insured Phone Technician to quote you on an upgrade!

Unfortunately Telstra won't maintain the MDF as a physical unit; they just maintain the "voice & data services" that feed the MDF, and make sure that complaint terminations are made (whether they be on an MDF or crimped together using waterproof ScotchLoks). Some may argue this point, but the reality is, Telstra are limiting their spend on upgrading/maintaining the copper network, and as a result they will either push back or refuse to upgrade/replace any network component they deem to still work to "best efforts". Our technicians see the same old, corroded, untidy MDF's day in and day out, and the only upgraded ones have been replaced by the Body Corporate / Strata / Building Owner, not by any ISP or Carrier.

crusty corrosion on this old PMG solder-tag MDF in an apartment building's switchroom in Sydney's Eastern suburbs

Seeing how the NBN is so far off for most capital cities, and the fact that internet usage/dependency is growing every year, it's a wise investment to upgrade your building's communications infrastructure to not only keep tenants happy, but to keep the rental value and property value high.

If your residents are complaining about their continuing telephone and/or ADSL internet problems, then its time to get your MDF upgraded. These days its actually cheaper than you may think. Contact us here at Cabled After Hours today for a free consultation and written quote on upgrading your building's MDF to a higher standard (in Sydney, NSW).

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