Who fixes Phone Lines? Phone Technicians!

When you have a phone line issue, who do you call? If you ask your family and friends, they will probably incorrectly tell you to call Telstra or an Electrician... No one seems to know that to get your ADSL internet and/or phone line repaired/upgraded, you need a Phone Technician!

Phone Technicians vs Electricians

You need a special licence to work on any private communications infrastructure, such as phone lines in homes and businesses. Electricians are not licenced in this field by default; you must ask to see their ACMA accredited licence before engaging them for any such work. If they throw the old "Austel Licence" phrase at you, be weary - this was superseded over 20 years ago!

Lets face it, the local supermarket has meat, bread and cheese. It may be convenient to shop at one place, but we all know that for quality product, you go to a Butcher, Bakery and a Delicatessen for these things.

The same goes for quality in any trade. Even though many electricians cover a broad spectrum of power, lighting, and communications cabling, their forte is in Electrical Systems. They deliver and manage power systems, repair and install lighting and power points. This area of cabling has a different set of rules; communications cabling however is a lot more precise... intricate... delicate... so easily affected by things like sharp kinks in the cable, and magnetic fields from adjacent cabling.

Telecommunications Technicians

Phone Technicians (like the team here at Cabled After Hours) only work on communications cabling; they understand the more intricate details of how digital and analogue data is transmitted, the physics behind why power cabling should never be bundled with / placed too close to communications cabling and why you get faults with cabling that was twisted together and wrapped in sticky tape!

An experienced phone technician has a better understanding of how phone lines work; he/she will be able to know what the problem is by the symptoms a customer is experiencing, and how to repair it without simply telling the customer to get all the cabling replaced!! (we are writing this post simply because of the large amount of faults we've fixed that were caused by poorly trained Electricians touching telecommunications cabling)

Wait - don't Telstra Technicians fix everything?

If you want Telstra to check your line out on the street, first call your service provider (like TPG, iiNet, Optus, etc). If you are not a Telstra customer, they will be unable to help you. Your ISP will organise a Telstra technician on your behalf; you MUST go through them.

Gone are the days where PMG or Telecom maintain the phone cabling inside your home. Telstra still own and maintain the copper network (soon to be decommissioned and taken over by the NBN), but only up to a certain point, at which the cabling is deemed to be maintained by the owner or strata of the building, who will need to engage a company such as Cabled After Hours to carry out repairs.

This means that Telstra will (attempt to) repair the phone line from the exchange and out on the street, but they are not obliged to repair anything for free on your premises. They may offer a "fee for service" where they will charge you for repairs, but as they are experts in maintaining the Carrier Network as opposed to cabling homes and businesses, their charges can be expensive.

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