fair and transparent standard pricing for all works

We would like to start with a few answers to the usual questions we get, which affect all jobs and bookings.



Below that we've listed our standard rates, fees & charges.


The following information forms part of our Terms and Conditions, which you accept should you engage us for any works.


Yes! In the beginning, we were just a bunch of motivated technicians working weeknights and weekends around our day jobs, and called ourselves "Cabled After Hours". Since then, business has grown and new opportunities have enabled us to have a team of technicians available both during business hours and outside of business hours (appointments available depending on the customer's requirements). Please see our Trading Hours and Pricing Structure (below) for more info.


We class "normal business hours" as 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday (weekdays), excluding NSW Public Holidays. So our "after hours" surcharge comes into effect outside of these hours, which includes all day Saturday, and all day Sunday.


Some tradies don't follow a standard pricing model and name their price on a per-job basis. But we like to keep it fair with a Standard Pricing Model, thus:

  • Call Out - a minimum service charge for all attendances, includes 1 man-hour of labour.

  • Labour Charges - either hourly or daily, charged per licenced technician.

  • Parts, Materials, & Equipment - as required, such as data jacks, patch leads, IP cameras, WiFi AP's / routers, wall plates, door strikes, sundries (like screws, brackets), etc.

  • Additional fees - as required, such as parking fees, After Hours surcharges, equipment hire (to access heights, large ladders or Elevated Work Platforms may be required), etc.


For all works, we need our vehicles close by to access materials, tools, and equipment. Only in busy CBD areas (such as Sydney city, North Sydney, Parramatta) it may be difficult to park our company vehicles on-site. In most cases clients liaise with their building manager to organise legal off-street parking for our vehicles, such as in the building's loading bay or private parking garage. If we must incur parking charges, we pass them onto the customer as part of the overall job cost.

We hope you agree with our view that it would be unfair to punish the majority, by increasing our standard prices for all customers in all areas, just to absorb the cost of CBD parking charges. Disagree? We'd like to hear what you think - please feel free to contact us anytime.


We only quote for new works, where the scope of work is specific (such as a phone or data cabling installation, a socket replacement, IP-Phone install).


For faults, such as when your internet doesn't work and no one knows why, our technicians need to "fault find" to locate and solve the problem. Most issues can be narrowed down within the first hour (covered by our Call Out fee; see pricing info below) but after this period our labour rate is charged, all the while keeping the customer updated on what we're doing on site.


For all bookings other than written commercial contracts / agreements, we require a minimum deposit to be paid and cleared before we schedule a technician attendance:

  • Fault finding & repairs minimum deposit: Call Out fee (including After Hours surcharge where applicable)

  • Quoted works minimum deposit: $ 220.00 or 40% of the total quoted value including GST (whichever is greater)


Invoices are issued after the completion of a sale or on-site works, and may include variations, materials, and other charges. Any outstanding (unpaid) balances are due to be paid immediately upon completion of works (partners and account holders are granted a 30-day due date extension).

We accept requests for reschedules and deposit refunds up to noon of the previous business-day of the scheduled attendance date, where a small administration fee of $ 22.00 inc. GST will be charged (which simply covers our administration costs). Refunds for scheduled labour charges are refused after this point as our resource scheduling is affected and irreversible costs are incurred by us due to the booking commitment.


Our standard pricing below is used by our technicians on site for variations, and by our estimators completing Written Quotations.

For fault finding or fault repairs such as needing internet problems fixed, see our Call Out Fee and Hourly Labour charges below.

For more specific requirements, please contact us for a quote - we can estimate materials costs and a minimum labour cost / install time.

Please note, we only quote new works (i.e: installs and upgrades), not faults.

Written Quotation

$ 0

inclusive of GST

on site or over the phone, we won‘t charge you to quote for new installations. Note, we cannot quote for faults / repairs; hourly labour rates would apply.

Call Out Fee

$ 220

inclusive of GST

our minimum charge for all works; includes 1 man-hour of labour

Labour - Day Rate

$ 495

inclusive of GST

per licenced technician, maximum 8 hours (for larger scopes of work)

Booking Cancellation Fee

$ 22

inclusive of GST

for cancellations, reschedules or refunds requested before noon the previous business-day of the scheduled job date

Test & Tag

$ 5.50

inclusive of GST

per piece of taggable electrical equipment

Labour - Hourly Rate

$ 99

inclusive of GST

per licenced technician, per hour - charged in 20 minute blocks. Also referred to as a "man hour"

After Hours Surcharge

$ 66

inclusive of GST

per licenced technician, per hour or part thereof outside business hours (in addition to standard labour rates)


We believe good communication is the cornerstone of every strong relationship. For further details or clarification of our pricing model, terms of service, or any other queries you may have, please don't hesitate to Contact Us anytime.

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